Here are some activities that are guaranteed to be fun (and safe) for the entire family. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun right along with your little ones. All of these activities can be done while maintaining appropriate social distancing rules and still enjoying the outdoors.


Calendarkiddo’s Outdoor Activity Ideas that are Safe and Fun for the Whole Family 


Make Chalk Creations

Invest in some chalk so you and your kids can dream up sidewalk creations. From cheerful flower bouquets to colorful rainbows, let your imaginations run wild as you try your hand at this fun activity.


Try Your Hand at Jump Rope

It’s a classic, and for good reason: Jump roping burns off excess energy and helps kids (and parents) increase their coordination in the process. Take turns having everyone in the family jump rope to see who will be crowned the jump roping champion.


Puddle Jumping

Don’t be afraid to let your little one get a little dirty. Put on some rain boots and head out after the rain and find the biggest puddles you can. Don’t forget to take a camera for this one.


Play a Outside Game

Soak up the sunshine this spring by playing catch, hopscotch, croquet, Red Rover, or another game in your backyard or at a local park. Let your family members take turns deciding which game to play next.



Many parks in Brooklyn have sprinklers that your little ones can enjoy. This is a quintessential summer activity for New York City kids.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt will definitely liven up your next park outing. Use a printable list or generate your own list of things to search for outdoors. We like this list from The Printables Fairy.


Fly a Kite

Another great way to encourage your entire family to spend some quality time outdoors is by purchasing kites. If possible, go to a local park, your building’s rooftop garden, or another scenic spot to fly them.


Ride Bikes

Get some exercise (and quality time) in by riding bicycles around your neighborhood together. Be sure to pack some water bottles to stay hydrated on the way. Bike seats for kids are relatively inexpensive to install and allow everyone to ride together. Helmets are a must.



Kids of all ages love bubbles and there are tons of great options available. Another activity that is great for capturing photos as well. Pro-tip: for those of you with little ones who love to spill the bubbles as much as they love making them, consider buying party favor size bubbles to take on the go. For bigger kids, creating giant bubbles can be a lot of fun.


Go Geocaching

If your kids are a bit older, geocaching is an excellent way to help them explore new areas in your community and learn more about navigation in the process. You can simply make a free account, find geocaches near you, and use your smartphone GPS to discover where the hidden treasure lies. After you find it, sign and date the notebook and record your score on the website. If you’re going to take the prize home with you, be sure to leave something else for the next person to discover.