In my household, we’ve been fans of® Early Learning Academy for years. As a parent and a teacher with a Masters in Education, I paid for a subscription for my daughter after realizing that all screen time is NOT created equal. 

Like many parents, COVID has created more time screen time for my family. When my daughter is using her iPad as an educational tool, with challenging and appropriate content, this increased screen time has become a positive. Using online resources or apps can be extremely helpful for kids and also teach some critical skills. There is a world of learning available online at an affordable cost for families and it is something that can definitely benefit your little one.

What do parents need to know about ABCmouse?

ABCmouse is an educational subscription service for kids that you subscribe to monthly. While there is a lot of educational content online for free, there are things that come along with being free such as inconsistent or inappropriate content, links to other sites or pop-up ads. The ABCmouse app has no advertising or links to anything outside of the platform and the app performance has so far worked very well for us.

What features does ABCmouse have?

Once you create your account with ABCmouse, your child(ren) get an avatar assigned to them, and their progress and history is saved through that avatar. There are over 9,000 educational activities ranging from books to educational games, videos and many other learning tools.

Is ABCmouse worth it?

I think ABCmouse is well worth the price. There are so many ways to engage your little one and so many different activities that will appeal to kids. It is something that we really enjoy using. There is a no obligation 30-day trial that you can access below!


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