Help your child discover his or her inner artist by making some easy, fun crafts from the comfort of your home during quarantine. From found object artwork to magazine collages, making artwork doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply peruse this list of five ideas to find a project you can make using the objects you already have at home!


Recycled /Found Object Art – Go through your recycling bin and create a sculpture based on random objects you have, from beads to cardboard to pasta shells. Pictured below is a great example of this with a Robot themed project via The Painterly Path. There are infinite possibilities for this project based on what you child is interested in.


Magazine Collage – Take old mail, magazines, wrapping paper, or any other paper you can find. Cut up into little pieces and glue onto the canvas of your choice. The below example is a beautiful rainbow from Sunny Day Today Mama.


Paper Towel Roll Binoculars – So simple and so many possibilities. Take two toilet paper rolls or cut a paper towel roll in half and then glue them together to make a pair of binoculars. Your child can then decorate it as desired. Below example is from The Spruce Crafts.


DIY Sock Puppets – Using old socks and any available art supplies that you have you can create a sock puppet character. Bonus: You can create a puppet show for the rest of the family. Great for Zoom Calls with the grandparents! Below are some examples from Handmade Charlotte.


Paper Strip Rainbows – Rainbows are always popular and extra meaningful right now. (You can even go on a rainbow hunt to find some cheery versions in your neighborhood!) To make your own, start with 6 pieces of construction paper in each color or the rainbow or in any other colors of choosing. Cut 6 strips of paper that will be one inch tall strips and trim each so each color is one inch shorter than the previous one. Staple strips at the ends and fan out to make a rainbow. Beautiful example from One Little Project.


Red: 9 inches wide by 1 inch tall
Orange: 8 inches by 1 inch tall
Yellow: 7 inches by 1 inch tall
Green: 6 inches by 1 inch tall
Blue: 5 inches by 1 inch tall 
Purple: 4 inches 1 inch tall