Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I drafted a blog post about hand washing–and it feels more relevant now than ever.

As a frequent traveler and weekend adventurer, I’m regularly out and about with my 3-year-old daughter, and one of the biggest challenges I encounter is washing my daughter’s hands in public restrooms. 

Given the state of the world, preventing coronavirus depends on the acts of all of us – and as parents, one of the best things we can do is encourage our children to wash their hands.

What is the one thing that can help make this situation more manageable? A simple step stool. There are many options available, but the one that always makes me happy to see is The Step ‘n Wash. To be clear, I don’t work for this company and neither does anyone I know. I have seen them in random locations in the United States and abroad. These little metal retractable step stools bring me a great amount of happiness when they are installed in a bathroom and help to prevent having to simultaneously hold your child over a sink and wash their hands.

My husband joked that it should be a law to have one of these retractable stools in places frequented by kids and families. Maybe he is on to something. I have been trying to find ways to make hand washing fun for my daughter. At home, we are well stocked up on many different decorative soaps she likes and we have had more discussions about germs and the need to be extra careful not to spread them. And of course, we have plenty of step stools.

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